From start to finish.

From the preliminary draft, applications to the relevant authorities, detail planning, invitation of tenders and the building construction – Seilbahnbüro Gröbner undertakesall these tasks and is your reliable partner.

Preliminary Draft

Fundamental methods of resolution of cable car technology and structural engineering through consultation with the client.
Site inspection.
Cost estimate.



Generation of space/room requirements for the gondola station buildings.
Enquiries with the relevant authorities.
Working relationship/cooperation with specialist geological planners, conservation, forestry, etc. 



Applications to relevant authorities.
Participation in negotiations. 


Detail Planning

Architectural configuration of the gondola station buildings.

Preparation of detailed plans compatible with all additional services such as statistics, cable car technology, electrical engineering, etc. 


Invitation of Tenders

Generation of neutral service specifications and volume calculations for the cable car engineer, master builder and sub contractors.
Invitation of tenders for material transport, energy supply, etc.
Leadership of construction tendering.
Generation of labour contracts. 


Construction Supervision

Representation on behalf of the client during the building construction phase.
Construction site visits.
Appointment planning.
Generation of completion lists.
Inspections and approvals with the authorities.
Account control.